We make global ad campaigns happen

As one of the video production companies based out of New York and Los Angeles, we put our hearts and souls into producing global video campaigns for American and international brands across TV and social media. Storytelling is an art that we have mastered. Strong content and stellar visuals are what makes our work incomparable! Think we’re bluffing? Scroll down for our client stories!

Right Brain, Left Brain

For each advertising team and brand that we work with, we are committed to helping them achieve their goals. Whether it’s plain old brand awareness, increasing sales, or revamping your image with an edge – we do it all.

We’re a team of, with people ranging from artsy award winners to caffeine fuelled midnight oil-burners. It’s not just our work that’s diverse!





Detailed producers, very passionate director, both ourselves and the ad agency enjoyed the work process.
– Robin, Director of Marketing, Lancer Skincare

I found the Sinema Films team creative and professional as they took our advertising project from concept to delivery. They were reliable, and deliverables always arrived on time. Beautiful work!
– Markos, Creative DIrector, IronFX

They undertook efforts to understand the nuanced advertising needs of our industry, and the final spot was beautiful and effective in our marketing. I recommend Sinema Films highly and with no reservations as a production company for clients and advertisers
– Lin, Producer, HiMirror

This is SO GREAT! It gave me goosebumps!! Thanks a million, Noel. Truly, truly great work.I enjoyed the entire process and it has been such a delight working with you and your fabulous team
– Gillian, Official at United Nations Defense Fund




Here’s what we’ve been up to lately! Our latest United Nations Campaign featuring was launched in and has already received incredible responses! Throwing focus on cybersecurity, the film was targeted to 12 Prime Ministers from Asia - so unless you’re one of the chosen 12, you can’t view the brilliance! However, you can check out what went on behind the scenes!