Sinema Films- Top Production Companies in New York and Los Angeles

Sinema Films is one of the premier production companies in New York and Los Angeles. Over the years we have partnered with local and international brands and ad agencies to create award-winning campaigns for TV and social media.


With brands – we work with their internal advertising teams to distill research into creative concepts and scripts ready for production. As a production company in New York and Los Angeles we are committed to helping brands reach their advertising goals we begin each new relationship with thorough review of the brand’s history and goals.  We have mastered the art of asking the right questions and listening for the correct answers.


Only after we have understood the client’s challenges do we move on to providing our production solutions.


Sinema Films – Premier Production Companies in Los Angeles

Sinema Films also serves the international market through its line production services. As a line production company in New York and Los Angeles Sinema Films helps international clients with travel and consulate affairs, union paperwork for crews and directors, casting, translation, construction of film sets, permits, office spaces, security, insurance and all other logistical necessary for video production in New York City and Los Angeles.


Little known secret: During international co-productions Sinema Films employees morph into night owls. Ooooo… With the help of coffee and then some even more coffee, we’ll be right here in New York working in Tokyo time. Or Tel Aviv. If we look like vampires* on 3 am video conference calls – well, we aren’t Beyoncé. We don’t wake up like this …


(Exec. Producer’s note : No, we never look vampires. We are always flawless. Even at 3 am in the morning. Especially at 3 am in the morning. )

This is how we do it :

Our directors passion for quality video production work is consistent. All details are discussed very early in the production process, and all issues tackled days before our crews and clients get on set. Our TV commercial directors are masters of their trade. They have won awards at some of the most prestigious advertising festivals, including Cannes and Telly awards. They are committed to telling moving stories that connect audiences with brands.
As one of the trusted few TV commercial production companies in the industry our projects involve a myriad number of visual tricks and gags. Today it could be having a month-old baby play golf in a TV commercial, tomorrow it could be about a stomach that talks in a video campaign for social… Our streamlined processes translate all these amazing creative challenges to processes that allow us to meet client needs fast and within reasonable pricing.
Our producer love to share information with our clients. Our producers want to inform and empower clients with knowledge so that they can use to make smart decisions on their projects. Our producers believe in team work, and that the best decisions are made when both client and production teams are on the same page about the creative vision and the path of achieving it. This is what has helped our video production services deliver content on-schedule, on-budget, and on-brand.
We believe in transparency through the entire production process. We want you as the client to know why the line item costs as much as it does, and what can be done to bring the item in line with your budget. If you are an international advertising agency looking for a line production company in New York you want to know as early as possible how local film production factors – union rules for talent and crews, fire codes, tax breaks and incentives – will affect your next big project. Our producers love supporting our clients and helping them achieve campaigns that will actually move the needle. Sinema Films is here to help.


We believe this commercial is a big step towards raising the bar when it comes to the level of advertising in the online trading industry. Continually pushing the boundaries of marketing is key in maintaining our position as market leaders. Thank you Sinema Films for bringing your creative and production teams on this project.
- Libby, Director of Content and PR, Banc DB

Detailed producers, very passionate director, both ourselves and the ad agency enjoyed the work process.
- Robin, Director of Marketing, Lancer Skincare

I found the Sinema Films team creative and professional as they took our advertising project from concept to delivery. They were reliable, and deliverables always arrived on time. Beautiful work!
- Markos, Creative DIrector, IronFX

They undertook efforts to understood the nuanced advertising needs of our industry, and the final spot was beautiful and effective in our marketing. I recommend Sinema Films highly and with no reservations as a production company for clients and advertisers.
- Lin, Producer, HiMirror


Our TV commercial production company was commissioned by an online trading company for a two spots that would run on Bloomberg and social media concurrently. 

The theme was warm and funny : Santa Claus trades to get the income he needs to buy gifts for little boys and girls all around the world. 

Sinema Films shot the spot on a span of two days. A 10,000 square feet TV commercial production studio in New York was converted to Santa Claus’ fabled gift warehouse, complete with naughty elves, warehouse belts, a TV anchorman, and one very tech-savvy Santa! 

The TV spot garnered considerable PR and on YouTube the spot went viral, reaching 80K organic views within 2 days of posting.