5 Creative Briefs to Produce the Best Video Campaign

Los Angeles
15 Jul. 2020

Why should you care about the brief so much? Because often the quality of your brief has a direct connection with the quality of your campaign. Let’s get down to it –

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Brief 1: Building consumer empathy

While the video production company will research on its own, it’s great if you tell their team about your consumers. This will help build empathy among the agency team members towards your customers. Share user/customer profiles with them so they can get into the shoes of your customers.

Brief 2: Your brand and your goals

  • About the brand as a person

Always consider your brand to be a person. Now how would you describe it? Share that description with your video production agency. You may be a brand from New York or Los Angeles, but unless you brief your video production company about your brand’s inherent character, your campaign may not connect with your customers. Make sure you brief your commercial production company about the strengths and personality of your brand and its USPs.

  • About what you wish to achieve

In addition, talk about your goals from this branding. What do you wish to achieve from your brand or product or service? How does it solve a problem? Re-iterating your goals about your own brand  will immensely help your video production agency get the right foundation before the actual video production.

  • Your solution to the consumer’s problem

A TV or video commercial works when your customers watch it and go – oh yes, I have the same problem. What’s that one single consumer problem that you can showcase in your video ad?

Brief 3: Key messages of the video

  •  Have one goal

Try not to have too many goals from one video campaign. There’s always one larger goal that your video campaign must accomplish and you must aim for the same.

  • Key take-aways

Tell your video production agency very clearly about what you wish to achieve from the video. Make a list of key messages that must be communicated in the video at all costs.

  • Strategy of communicating

You may choose to shout out the message or keep it subtle. Or you may want to keep it very feature-oriented or utility-oriented. This is another vital insight that your video production agency can use to your advantage.

  • The CTA

The CTAs in a video message can be anything – Hurry, buy now, rush to your nearest dealer, use discount code, switch to our product etc. Choose your CTA wisely and tell your agency.

  • The USP and the offer/convincing factor

The next important thing to plan in a video production process is to think about the USP in a way so as to blend into the video smoothly. You may have by now already thought about briefing the commercial production company about your overall USPs. However, since the video would focus on one single goal, it’s important to spell out the USP that would help video sell the product. This should be followed by the reason why viewers or customers must believe in what you are saying. In short, your TV commercial agency should know which one of your USPs needs to be highlighted in the video.

Brief 4: Give them references

Another factor that immensely helps video production companies is the references that you give them. A good agency will definitely research on its own but you also need to sketch a picture of the market before them.

  • Tell them about the competitors you admire

When you share with your video production agency about where you want to be, who are your competitors especially those you admire, they are able to set a standard of your expectations.

  • Share previous videos

While your current video may be targeted to be better and more creative, it’s great to share the videos or marketing material you already have. This also helps a commercial production companies to come up with ideas that you have not used so far.

  • Lines of caution

There may be certain norms or caution specific to your industry. If you tell your agency on advance about the do’s and don’ts, you can save both a lot of time.

Brief 5: The actual nitty-gritty

If you wish to save time and a lot of edits later, some of these pieces of information are valuable for your agency –

  • Your budget and timeline

Give a realistic timeline to your agency, get your thoughts about it and share your budget with them. Why this is crucial because video production has several aspects and your agency needs to work out those aspects based upon your budget.

  • Get a spokesperson on board

Do not involve a lot of people for communicating with the commercial production companies. Instead appoint one or two points of contact and ask them to handle all the communication with the agency.

While this may seem like a lot of work, if you look closely you will see that this is really a good marketing and insightful exercise for your brand as well. Your team would be on the same page about the video and so will your agency be.

Los Angeles
15 Jul. 2020
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