5 mistakes to avoid in your video campaign

Los Angeles
08 Jun. 2020

You cannot execute a video while thinking like a newspaper ad. Ask any video production company in New York about video campaigns, and they will tell you how a 360-degree approach is crucial. This is not a fad, it’s the need of the hour.  It means not leaving a single stone unturned in making a video ad campaign work because video production takes time, money and resources like no other kind of promotion. Yet, there are common pitfalls that most companies fall into when it comes to commercial production.

You cannot afford these mistakes because video is only going to get larger, better and more demanding. A 2018 survey revealed that 54% consumers say they prefer to see video from a brand or business they support over any other kind of content.

Here goes our list:

# 1 Underestimating TV

Consider this glaring fact. Tech giants such as Facebook, Google, Wix, GoDaddy or video streaming companies such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix use television advertising to send reminders to general public. Google, Facebook or Netflix spent 60% of their ad budget on TV (source). In France, the biggest TV advertiser during 2018 summer was trivago.fr. Despite that people are now spending more time on Internet than television, why do companies such as these engage in TV commercial production? That’s because two weeks of advertising campaign equals one day of telecast.  This is true for digital or Internet businesses but especially true for non-tech businesses such as automobiles, electronics, FMCG products because often purchase decisions are made in these cases by the whole family that often gets together over a live game of football or a reality show on television. Despite the exposure and reach of various Internet media and global brands focusing on Internet advertising, you cannot underestimate the power of commercial video production.

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TIP: Create a common theme for your video campaign, create shorter versions for Youtube or Internet advertising and keep the longer version for television.

# 2 Selling hard on video campaigns

This is just so 1990s. Here’s what you are thinking: I have spent so much on commercial video production, I might as well directly sell what I want to. While your intention is not bad considering that video campaigns are meant to sell your product or service, here’s what really happens. You end up creating a video campaign that makes people cringe. We want to tell you that it’s possible to create a video that sells as well as entertains.

Today video production companies are brimming with great ideas about creating memorable videos. Yes attention spans are short these days but you can always cut through the chase by hitting on the right emotional chord.

TIP: Analyze your audience way before your launch your video campaign. Does adding certain emotional flavours hook your audience? Can your product be connected with a social cause? Answers to some of these questions will help you create an entertaining video that sells your brand.

GoPro takes a detour from hard selling

GoPro typically hinges on user-generated content for the simple reason that it wants to educate potential users through content created by current users. The strategy has built considerable credibility for the brand. Yet, GoPro took a slight detour from its usual hard selling in the extreme sports realm and stepped out of its comfort zone. GoPro re-purposed a video of a firefighter saving a kitten from fire and used it for its own marketing. The best production company hired for the job did fabulous editing that brought out ‘everyday heroism’ in its story. This video succeeded in getting the attention of buyers from outside the extreme sports or adventure genre and appealed to a larger audience.   

# 3. Focusing only on celebrity endorsements

Celebrity endorsements do make a huge impact especially in case of video campaigns where viewers get to see their favourite stars selling your brand. However if you are not careful, your company may end up escalating your video production cost manifolds. This accompanied by an average story-telling in the video will make the ROI very difficult to come by. So are we against celebrity presence in a video commercial production? Not at all. But we suggest that you also consider working really hard on the concept of your video campaign and its larger objectives before hiring a celebrity to endorse you. Every brand, service or product has its own needs and budgets. Sign up a celebrity only when it’s relevant and adds to the narrative of the branding.

TIP: Pick some of the top commercial production companies in cities such as New York or Los Angeles and invite concepts around your video ad. If you see a good story that also sells your brand idea or product, you will be better equipped to take a call about hiring a celebrity.

Tire’s smart video ad for Olympics

Canadian company Tire’s 2016 ad, “Wheels,” that ran during the 2016 Summer Olympics became one of the most viral marketing videos of 2017. Imagine having an ad campaign involving Olympics without any celebrity players of the country. The ad actually focussed on a little boy in a wheel-chair who cannot go out and play like normal children. A neighbourhood boy sees this boy’s plight and creates a basketball game just for him outdoors. This was a beautiful narrative that emphasized on the importance of involving viewer’s emotions with great story-telling in order to sell.

# 4 Ignoring influencers

Many influencers from fields such as fitness, travel, health, self-help, motivation, beauty or fashion have fan following that equals some of the biggest sports or Hollywood stars. If you haven’t considered reaching out to influencers to promote your video ad or involve them in some way, you are making a huge mistake. According to a new research from Fullscreen and research lab Media Science, branded influencer videos drive higher engagement and better brand recall among Gen-Z and Millennial consumers than standard pre-roll video ads.  Digital companies such as Wix or GoDaddy or Travago or Sprint have effectively used local influencers to reach out to larger audiences in new demographics. This is one of the smartest ways of localizing your video campaign paving way for faster ROI.

TIP: Whether or not you are launching in a new demographic, involve influencers relevant to your field in your video campaign. Ask your local video production company to create a list of relevant influencers who have a great repute with them.  

How Sprint used influencers?
Check what Sprint did. It collaborated with influencers, entrepreneurs under the hashtag #LiveUnlimited. This video has a natural vibe to it because most of these influencers have active social media fan following and they are literally living a life that’s not limited by any obstacles. 

# 5. Using video only for top-funnel goals

Companies often use video production as a tool to be used in the top-of-funnel only. That way, such companies are completely missing out on the potential of a video converting into sales. Understand that video is an extremely powerful medium and it can be just as effective in the middle of the sales funnel and while closing sales.

TIP: Include a clear Call-to-action in your video campaign compelling your viewers to take action such as making an enquiry, visiting website or simply buying.

Reebok’s killer CTA 

Reebok defined how companies should include CTA any commercial video production. The ad informs that an average human being lives for 25,915 days and each of these days must be honoured. Each day should be used in pushing our bodies to their physical limits. One of the biggest strengths of the video production agency in this ad was the ‘playback’ narrative that starts with an elderly woman’s journey of running. The cherry on the cake was the CTA that said – Calculate your days.

Videos are your best friends. But they need care and a lot of love. If you are looking for innovative ideas for your video ad campaign, feel free to chat with us. 

Los Angeles
08 Jun. 2020
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