We are a premier production company based out of New York and Los Angeles (link to the Los Angeles page). Over the years we have partnered with brands and advertising agencies to produce content for TV and social media. We don’t believe in sticking to just one medium!

We have mastered the art of asking the right questions and listening for the correct answers. As a result, we don’t have to blow our own trumpet – our work speaks for itself!

Little know secret: while working on international brands, the time-difference transforms all of us into non-threatening, highly-caffeinated midnight owls. So if you hear a sudden screech or notice yellow eyes staring at you, they might just belong to one of us!

How the Magic Happens
Spells and magic glitter apart, here’s how we get things done.

All details are discussed very early in the production process, and all issues tackled days before getting on set. Our TV commercial directors are masters of their trade, having won awards at Cannes and the Telly awards.
We didn’t become a respected production company overnight! A lot of brainstorming, and tonnes of smart, gruelling work was involved. Our processes enable us to meet your deadlines with epic work.
Our producers are in constant touch with you, to kick-start smart and efficient decisions from the word go. We believe that the best decisions are made when all teams share the same vision.
We believe in transparency through the entire production process. From line production budget to schedules – with you, we’re always upfront about cost details. Our producers love supporting our clients and helping them achieve campaigns that will actually move the needle. Sinema Films is here to make a difference.





Detailed producers, very passionate director, both ourselves and the ad agency enjoyed the work process.
– Robin, Director of Marketing, Lancer Skincare

I found the Sinema Films team creative and professional as they took our advertising project from concept to delivery. They were reliable, and deliverables always arrived on time. Beautiful work!
– Markos, Creative DIrector, IronFX

They undertook efforts to understand the nuanced advertising needs of our industry, and the final spot was beautiful and effective in our marketing. I recommend Sinema Films highly and with no reservations as a production company for clients and advertisers
– Lin, Producer, HiMirror

This is SO GREAT! It gave me goosebumps!! Thanks a million, Noel. Truly, truly great work.I enjoyed the entire process and it has been such a delight working with you and your fabulous team
– Gillian, Official at United Nations Defense Fund




Deep down, we’re just geeky storytellers and advertising enthusiasts who get uber excited about the lighting of a film shot, or the lift in sales after launching a campaign. In our company, we are friends, and we share literally everything – right from each other’s Spotify playlists to Netflix passwords.

We love the work we do, and we love doing it together. Our team film crews are some of the most creative (sometimes bordering on eccentric!) minds in the city. In our world, work is family, and clients are new friends. And the best part? We’re always just a call away, like true friends should be. Let’s launch a campaign Friday morning, and lunch at Le Bain at noon. It’s not work-life balance, it’s just how we roll.