Storytelling isn’t restricted to a medium, language or location. Which is why Sinema Films provides line production services for international film studios in New York and Los Angeles. We also help our international clients with travel and consulate affairs, union paperwork, import / export and more.

Anything to make things easier for everybody!


Nothing beats a hard-hitting social campaign, across short films and television commercials. Such is the work we produced for the United Nations Campaign. While the overall developmental goals the UN aims at are extremely diverse - from climate change to gender and economic equality, what we focussed on was raising awareness about cyber-security.

For this, we created a short-video campaign targeted to 12 Prime Ministers of Asia. From computer hackers to airplanes stopping mid-air - we went complete Con Air! (Without Nicholas Cage, he was unavailable jajaja ). Here’s a sneak-peak into what went down!