Video Production: The Dawn of the New Empire

Los Angeles
10 Aug. 2021

Video content is the new King

New age computers and smartphones have made video the new content king. It is not just king in the mind of consumers, clients and potential customers; it has become king for businesses. The attention of the consumers is turning to the internet. According to a report from Statista, 85% of consumers watch video content online. With video platforms like YouTube in their prime era, consumers are increasing online video to traditional media.

With demand for video content that engages consumers with its creativity, about 54% of customers prefer to have videos from their regular brands, according to HubSpot.

It is no secret that video marketing is to stay. Videos are the most effective way to share messages and personalities with the world. It allows creators to connect with the audience without meeting in person. Consumers are now starting to check brand social media channels to get to know a product or service of a business.

Video production is essential because it hooks the consumers to the product with creativity provided through the content. Video is also more effective and engaging in storytelling, and consumers demand more of it.

Many commercial production companies are investing in video production because of the higher conversion rates and returns of investments (ROI). About 29% of companies consider video content crucial for their marketing endeavours. Here are some of the video marketing trends that are buzzing around.

Specific platform targeting: Due to the various ways videos are being watched. It is necessary not to use the same videos across all social media platforms. It is more effective to create a separate video and optimize each video for specific channels. Hence many commercial companies produce different videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and on their web pages. Using stories to portray a message to the target audience has proved to be more effective across all formats.

Divers’ formats: One of the popular ways to watch videos is through smartphones. Therefore, commercial companies create videos in various aspect ratios. This allows the consumers to watch videos comfortably whether they use a smartphone, tablet or a desktop computer.

Authentic Video Production: It has become easier now to create original creative videos. Since the availability of advanced technology and video tools, production cost has declined to make video production easier.

Less sound, more captions: Consumers watch 85% of Facebook videos without sound in public. Hence it is essential to add captions to connect with the consumers.

Video Trends during the pandemic
As the demand for technology and digitalization spurted during the pandemic, it is no surprise that video production soared to new heights. There was an increase in video production for business by 74% amidst the pandemic. From Google Meet to Zoom Meetings to selling an idea or product online, everything was possible with the help of calls and content shared via video.

Many commercial companies in the pandemic used something called the ‘drop kit’. With the help of this kit, high-quality videos and sound were created and controlled from anywhere. This ‘drop kit’ became an essential tool as it could make and edit videos remotely packed with prominent and engaging content for consumers.

Get Started Videos
Not every consumer knows how a product works. Therefore, companies have launched demo videos to make customers understand and explain the basics of a product. The basic ‘How to’ tutorials have increased sales and have attracted more customers than companies having no ‘demo videos’.

Profile Videos
There has been an increase in video Resumes as of 2021 on the employment-oriented platform, LinkedIn. Many employers found video creation creative and intriguing compared to the traditional methods. Similarly, profile videos can also be used to attract sales to companies portraying creativity and distinctiveness.

Using videos in creative ways
Many commercial companies use videos to record the experience of a consumer with the product. The testimonies create authenticity and trust in the product of the company amongst new customers. Companies also use ‘Live videos’ to humanize the brands, interact with customers, and even solve queries.

The video production trend has just started as of 2021, and with time, it is sure to revolutionize the digital world for customers and businesses. With video content, commercial companies would compete to sell products by making content as creative and interactive as possible. The right video marketing strategy, including the latest trends, will bring target audiences closer to purchasing the products, making consumers more engaged with the companies.

Los Angeles
10 Aug. 2021
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